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Stores nationwide

Basically your one stop shop for all your crafting needs! Prices can be a bit higher than you might see elsewhere, but being able to see the colours of aida and floss before you buy means it can be worth it. They stock both DMC and Anchor threads and usually have a good selection of hoops. Full range available to buy online.


Dunelm Mill

Stores nationwide

Dunelm has a small haberdashery section which usually has needles and a good range of Anchor floss at good prices, as well as cross stitch kits. You won't find aida though. Their cross stitch kits only are available to buy online.




Nifty Needles

56 High Street


This independent store is local to us and we love it! Dedicated to needlework and knitting, you'll find a huge range of floss, aida in lots of colours, and all the needles, hoops etc you could possibly need. The staff are wonderful too, and very knowledgable. They have spent plenty of time with us in the past helping us with stitching problems. We highly recommend it. No online shop.


Northern Ireland



23-29 Queen Street


The best craft store by a long way in Northern Ireland, with a huge range for all types of crafts. Stocks DMC and Anchor along with an extensive haberdashery for needles and hoops. No online store.


UK based online stores


Sew and So:

The site we most often recommend to customers. A fantastic range, including both DMC and Anchor threads as well as a huge Kreinik range, including the metallics we recommend for some of our patterns. They also boast the most comprehensive range of aida we've found, in loads of colours and counts. Service is always great and delivery is quick.


Katz X Stitch:

This website is run by a husband and wife team, and their floss prices are excellent. If you have a list of colours you need, it is worth checking here, as their prices are about half of those in Hobbycraft. Their aida range is pretty substantial too and they have all the hoops, frames and needles you could possibly need.


The Needlecraft Shop:

While this website doesn't sell branded floss, it does have a great range of aida, and also sells packs of aida offcuts which can be great value for people who make cards, gift tags or are trying their stitching technique before moving onto full projects. Their hoop prices are also fantastic and delivery is £1.25 up to orders of £25 and above that it's free!








Hobby Lobby

Stores nationwide

A bit of a no brainer, but Hobby Lobby is often your best bet to get your hands on everything you need in one place. They stock all the essentials: floss, aida, hoops and needles and you can also shop online, although there doesn't seem to be a free shipping offer like on a lot of sites, so check the cost of shipping for your order before you commit.



Stores nationwide

With over 1000 stores nationwide, Michael's is another convenient place to get the basics. They have a huge range of floss, a selection of aida in different colours and counts, and hoops in different sizes. You can shop online and shipping is free over $50 - granted, that's a lot of floss but you can always stock up on aida and hoops too! There is also a 40% off one item coupon each week on the website - perhaps not worth it for a skein of floss, but a great deal on the larger cuts of aida.



Stores nationwide

Another favourite among crafty types, and with plenty of stores around the country there's bound to be one near you. With the typical range of floss, aida and hoops, there is the added bonus of regular coupons and discount events which can really help you stock up without spending much. You can also shop a wider range online than in store.


Eastern United States


AC Moore

Stores up and down the East Coast - check website for store locations

I have it on good authority that you can pick up most cross stitch essentials in AC Moore stores. As far as I can tell there is no online shopping feature, but it's worth popping in to have a look if you're based on the East coast.


Pat Catan's

28 stores in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia

Another store with no online shopping facility, and I can't speak for the extent of their cross stitch range in each store, but you should be able to get your hands on the essentials. And remember to ask if they can order in items for you - this is especially useful if you have a list of floss you need.




Herrschners factory outlet store

2800 Hoover Ave

Stevens Point

WI 54481

The only retail location of Herrschners craft catalogs, which promises to carry their full range and then some, with a Christmas range all year round and a bargain corner. If it is anything like their online and catalog offerings, you'll find more than enough here to stitch most projects.


Seattle area


Pacific Fabrics and Crafts

Several locations in the Seattle area - check website for details

Recommended by  one of our customers, there are several branches of this store in the Seattle area and you should be able to find everything you need to get stitching! They also offer a limited range of floss and aida to buy online.


US based online stores/catalogues



A truly astonishing range of threads, aida and frames, not to mention needles, scissors, patterns and magazines. If they don't have it, I doubt anyone else would! You can request one of their catalogs or download it from the website to read online, and you can place orders online or over the phone. Their floss prices in particular are highly competitive, but shipping costs climb quickly depending on your order total, so bear that in mind. They also have a retail store in Wisconsin (see above.)


Nordic Needle:

Another website with a huge range of aida and floss, though not so much to choose from in the way of embroidery hoops. Floss is slightly more expensive than at Herrschners but shipping is a flat rate of $5.95 no matter what the order total is, so it may be the better option.


123 Stitch:

Our most frequently recommended store to US customers. Here you will find everything you need, including DMC and Anchor floss, aida in a great range of colours and a fantastic range of hoops and frames, ranging from plastic hoops to traditional wooden versions.







Stores nationwide

With stores nationwide, Canadian Michael's stores might just be what you need to get some of the basics. Their website has a very limited range of cross stitch kits, and I can't vouch for their in store range, but for things like needles and scissors, it might be a convenient place to look.


De Serres

Store nationwide

Another large chain with branches nationwide making it a convenient place to shop for the basics. I have been told that they stock DMC floss, both in store and online, as well as tapestry needles, though I'm unsure if they carry aida. They do however have a few small cross stitch kits which might be a good place for beginners to start. They offer free shipping on their website for orders over $25 or $40 depending on where in the country you live.



Eastern Canada



Over 20 stores in the eastern provinces

Despite having a name that implies sewing, Fabricville has a decent range of cross stitch supplies, including aida in a variety of colours, embroidery hoops, DMC floss and needles. They have a huge range online and ship throughout Canada so even if you don't live near a store, you can still get your hands on all you need in one order!




La Cigale Brodeuse

6610 Boulevard des Galeries d'Anjou
Anjou (QC)
H1M 2T4

A highly recommended store with a wide range of aida in different colours, different brands of floss, hoops and needles. You can't shop online with them, and their website is in French, but they also speak English (and Spanish) in store, and I'm assured it is well worth a visit.


Jeannette's Needlecraft Shoppe
5015 Coolbrook Avenue

Montreal (QC)

H3X 2K8

This store specialises in tramme but they stock DMC threads and speciality threads too, and they are also a well regarded framers, which is ideal if you plan on framing any heirloom pieces.




Len's Mill Store

10 locations in Southern Ontario (Toronto area)

Selection may vary between locations, but generally they stock the full range of DMC floss as well as aida off the bolt at very reasonable prices. They also stock hoops and needles, not to mention a huge range of supplies for other crafts. No online shopping but definitely worth a trip. You'll be sure to find what you need here.



271 Lakeshore Road East

Mississauga (ON)

L5G 1G8

An absolute gem of a store! Family run and well established, Gitta's stocks a frankly astonishing range of floss and aida, in every colour you could want. Aida is cut from the bolt, in a choice of sizes, and comes in various counts. They also stock both DMC and Anchor floss along with Kreinik braids and a good choice of hoops. The best thing about Gitta's though, is that they genuinely love needlework, know what they are talking about and are only too happy to help, so it is an ideal place for beginners to seek out advice when buying supplies. You can also shop online if you can't make it to the store.


Stitcher's Place

234 King Street East

Cambridge (ON)

N3H 3M6

Another independent store in Southern Ontario, Stitcher's Place has a great selection of DMC, Anchor and Kreinik floss, as well as aida cut to size and pre packaged. They have a limited selection online, but you can also place phone orders if need be.


Stitch-it Central

189 Thames Street S.

Ingersoll (ON)

N5C 2T6

This store aims to be a one-stop shop for all your needlework needs, and boasts sit'n'stitch groups and in house framing among it's services. They stock the usual range of DMC floss alongside Kreinik, and a good range of aida and accessories. Their online range is larger than what they carry in store, and they are happy to order in anything they don't have. Well worth having a look at their website, even if you don't live nearby.




Sheena's Gallery

953 St. Mary's Road

Winnipeg (MB)

R2M 3R9

Sheena's Gallery specialises in needle art, and carries the full range of DMC and Anchor floss, as well as aida in various colours, counts and sizes. Their online range isn't great, but you can call the store to place an order if you don't live nearby.


British Columbia


Button & Needlework Boutique

614 View Street

Victoria (BC)

V8W 1J4

With the huge red button sign, this place is hard to miss! It's a wonderful store that carries a decent range of aida in different colours, and the full range of DMC floss and Kreinik braids, not to mention hoops, needles and patterns. It's worth a visit just to feel inspired, as the store is decorated with finished and framed needlework. No online shopping but you can phone or email your order if you like.


Yarn Canada

2008 Wall Street

Vancouver (BC)

A yarn, needlework/embroidery and fibre arts store, Yarn Cananada sells DMC stranded floss as well as Valdani Pearl Cotton thread for embroidery and cross stitch. Order online and get free shipping on orders over $35.


Canadian based online stores



The Canadian arm of the popular craft suppliers, their range, as with the American site, is astounding. You will find everything you could need here, with a great range of aida, DMC floss (though no Kreinik) and all the accessories you can think of. They deliver with Canada Post, there are no duties to pay and returns are processed in Ontario, so there are no hidden costs when shopping with them.