About Us


Capes and Crafts creates original geeky cross stitch patterns and handmade gifts of the nerdy variety. The capes in charge of the crafts are Emma, that's me, and my husband, Steve. I am a veteran stitcher and Steve is the not-so-young apprentice, and we live in Scotland where we stitch, talk comics and argue about time travel. We are inspired by all sorts of things, from comic books and sci-fi to anime and video games. We make things that we think are awesome, and hope that you'll think are awesome too.


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Cross stitching is fun, satisfying and easy, and it has a long and wonderful history. With our contemporary patterns, we aim to make our customers a part of that history, and encourage others to take up a needle and become as hopelessly addicted as we are! We feel it is important that when you create, you are making something that you are passionate about, and that really reflects you and your personality. So whether you're a Whovian or a Browncoat, a comic reader or a bookworm, we'll have a pattern for you to fall in love with, and that will hopefully introduce you to a whole new passion: the world of cross stitch!


This website will soon be full of helpful tutorials and how-to guides. We'll start at the very beginning, with shopping guides, a glossary of terms and those very first stitches. And if you're more advanced, you'll also find help on framing your finished work, and caring for it. From beginning to end, we're here to help.