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Free pattern update!

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Exciting news! We've begun uploading all of our free patterns for you to enjoy!

In the past, we only made our free patterns available for about a week and then they were gone. That's no longer the case and you can find all of our free offerings here on our new website. We are working steadily through them, tweaking a few things in the design, updating the instructions, and generally giving them a little polish. So be sure to check our Facebook page or Twitter feed for updates on their release.

These patterns are also a great way for new customers to get a feel for the layout of our patterns, so you know what to expect when you purchase one from our store. And if you're not sure that cross stitch is for you, you can always give one of our small patterns a go to find out. All you'll need is a bit of aida, some floss and a needle. But we hope you'll love it and stick around!

Now, feel free to go on a mini downloading spree!

Happy stitching!

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